Has SF2T really aged well?

Has SF2T really aged well?

Postby Zeo500 » February 24th, 2016, 10:50 am


I know SFV it is the craze now and I'm loving it. However a side note here. Has Super Turbo really aged that well?

I grew up in the 80's and I remember the SF2 craze in the arcades and home consoles when I was a teen. A year ago I got back into gaming because of SF2 as I wanted to relive my nostalgia. Then I discovered sf4 and I played that for the past year.

I recently tried to get back into Super Turbo before the SFV launch and while I know it's held up the best as opposed to other fighting games of the era, however I don't think it's held up as well as I hear people say it has.

With super turbo there seems to be allot of cheapness, and the people online who are so excellent at the game know how to take advantage of it. This makes the game super hard for me. It's also stiffer and the inputs have to be super precise.

I can pick up 3rd strike and I can sort of get better at it quicker as it's more fluid and plays more like a modern fighting game.

So does anyone else think that the game Super Turbo has not held up as well as most people says it has? Though yes it has ages better than any other game of the era, ex Mortal Kombat, and yes it is still played seriouly by people.

Just curious, thanks.
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Postby Angelus » February 24th, 2016, 11:55 am

Problem with ST is that it's way less accessible to casual players compared to other sf games.
Lack of buffer window means you need to master pianoing your specials to get a reversal dp. Doing reversals is also just as or even more important than in other games because sometimes it's the only way to escape extremely tight blockstrings (spaced O.Sagat tiger shot loop with a ton of blockstun) or unblockable setups, just think of oicho tick loop and zangief grabs that have NO RECOVERY on whiff, Meaning it's just a build in option select if the command throw connects or not, just to give you an example that isn't Vega's wildy known EVO EEEEeeeYYOOOOO izuna grab cheapness.

Stun is also quite random and can sometimes kick in from only 1 combo. So if u're unlucky, you can die from essentially 1 combo.

ST also doesn't have trip guard, meaning that unless you completely know the ins and out of your character to get past or over fireballs (honda buttslam, balrog headbutt), you will get absolutely destroyed by the simple, yet effective tactic of Hadoken + sweep anti air.

Also, because it's the most matchup / counterpick heavy game, you really need to study some of the retarded hitboxes and whatnot. Thankfully, later street fighter games don't have as retarded hitboxes that don't make sense.
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Postby Zeo500 » February 24th, 2016, 11:59 am

Yeah, it is really not casual friendly. I mean I picked up 3rd strike right away and found that I can at least battle it out a bit more with online players. But with turbo... wow. I have no chance. The fighting feels a bit archaic and probably for reasons you mentioned.
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