Get off the road !

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Get off the road !

Postby Deadpool » October 14th, 2016, 10:01 am

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As a public service announcement to my fellow motorists in the Northern NJ area. Be advised to watch out for a White 2016 Toyota Hybrid RAV4. Makes slow turns, does'nt turn left, drives to the middle of a block to insure not having to back up into a spot, parks in the back of a virtually empty parking lot so chances of being parked around are next to nil, parks where she does'nt have to backup, puts her driving seating position that could be use for a small child, does'nt buy gas in fear of driving into the gas pumps, loves no turn on red signs so people have no reason to honk their horns at her when she does'nt turn but does'nt realize the no turn on red sign is only good at certain times of the day, drive to a virtually deserted part of a block to park even though a close spot is available but has to be parallel parked into, no radio, silent kids. In short, Mrs. Deadpool has gotten her driver's license and is legally permitted to drive on US roads. DRIVERS BEWARE !!!!
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