Don't know what this way of thinking is called......

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Don't know what this way of thinking is called......

Postby Deadpool » December 9th, 2016, 2:00 pm

You know when you can only relate to an actor or actress for a breakout role and when you see them in other things, ie tv shows, movies, etc. They still remind you of what they use to be. I mean take Al Bundy from Married with Childeren for example. Even though the actor has moved on to other roles like in Modern Family to me it's still Al Bundy in Modern Family. You get what I mean?

like when Mr Fantastic got smooshed on the Golden Gate bridge in the movie San Andreas.

phpBB [video]

Like in this movie

Captain American and Falcon vs Mr Fantasic

phpBB [video]

You just can't get their person's prior breakout role out of your head. Like some of these:

Sarah Michelle Geller - Buffy Vampire Slayer
Jennifer Aniston - Racheal from Friends

What movie actor or actress they you see in other movies still make you see them as the old breakout role self?
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