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January 13th, 2016, 7:14 pm


I've been playing fighting games for about 8 months. I got into Street Fighter 4 first and I love it. I started playing Mortal Kombat X and I like the game, I think it's great. However, sometimes I want to smash my controller when I play people online because I feel so lost when I lose. When I play someone more skilled than myself, it can get frustrating when I am comboed the whole match. When I don't have a combo breaker what do I do?? Someone told me I have to wait for the "gap' and find an opening. I find it to be a very frustrating game. Something is not clicking in my head.

When I am being comboed do I have to wait it out and wait for an opportunity for an opening?


January 13th, 2016, 7:58 pm

Zeo500 wrote:When I am being comboed do I have to wait it out and wait for an opportunity for an opening?


Yes, save your energy when u're being juggled/comboed. Just stay on the lookout for resets.
Also don't do combo breakers at the end of their combos, that's just a waste of meter.

January 13th, 2016, 8:07 pm

Got it thanks!! As I said, sometimes when i'm being comboed I think "What do I do?" Mash? But the more I play the more I understand and wait for that reset.

January 13th, 2016, 8:58 pm

Man I just want to destroy my controller. They say MKX is an easier game to understand than Street Fighter. I disagree. Street fighter is allot slower and you have time to think. It just clicks in my brain. In MKX it feels like a cheese fest. I know I am bad at it for sure but I can't get anywhere. I have won over 200 online matches but lost about 400 LOL. So I don't know if this game is for me. Some players just combo me for days, and I look for that reset and I can't get it. I think I'm looking at the game too much from a Street fighter perspective. It's still a very good game, I just have a hard time improving but I'll keep trying.

Am I the only one who finds this game frustrating and just want to stick to street fighter? I've played it allot and it's just a different monster.

January 14th, 2016, 1:05 am

I always think MK games are always harder since they allow players to hammer each other and still take damage from normal attacks. This is where SF differs the most, you usually can defend physical attacks all day and just have to watch out of those overhead and projectile chip damage. MK in the other hand is like Akuma's mixup's. 50/50 so if you chose to block the wrong way. Combo city here it comes. I equate MK to the Capcom VS's series. Much faster pace where as in SF you have more control of the temp of the match. As I can recall, MK3 kicked my ass for the longest time, human or CPU.

January 14th, 2016, 5:14 am

MKX is all about momentum.
It heavily favors the aggressor, if u have a hard time getting out of mixups then save ur meter for combo breaker.
Also remember to mix up ur wakeup options (jump, reversal, delay wake up, back dash, throws etc.)
Its important to keep ur opponent honest, blocking too much will usually get u killed.

January 14th, 2016, 8:00 pm

Yeah I was thinking that. Thanks for the tips. It seems like the first guy to be the other guy to a pulp wins. When I play defensively I get wrecked. Also my character is Jason. I'm more of a sf fan so Jason really appeals to me, and honestly I think he is a low tier character. He is slow. I use to be sub zero and I had a little better success, mainly because he is faster.

January 14th, 2016, 9:00 pm

I'd definitely recommend sticking to Subzero, especially Cryomancer due to its ease of use and high damage output, at least until u feel more comfortable with the game.
And if u plan on using Jason, jump a lot, his jump attacks can be very hard to Anti-Air for some characters, so abuse it.

January 14th, 2016, 10:04 pm

I just played against Katana online and all my opponent did was throw her blades, which just kept coming before I even had to to block the first one. That's another thing about this game, projectiles do not cancel each other out, so you have instances like this where they are throwing blades all over the place and you have little time to really react. If the projectiles canceled each other out then I would have a fighting chance at least. I have nothing against spamming a projectile, but in MKX they seem a bit unfair. I almost cracked my controller in 2 out of frustration LOL. I'm sorry but I think I'll just stick to SF.

January 15th, 2016, 7:42 pm

Add me on whichever console it is you play. I'm not a top placing player, but I'm confident my experience can help you.
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