SFV throw range chart - updated with DLC characters

SFV throw range chart - updated with DLC characters

Postby Angelus » September 28th, 2016, 8:47 am

Angelus wrote:Alex, Laura, Rashid, Vega and Necalli have deceptive throw boxes.
They actually move forward first, so that's why there were others besides me who were getting weird results from testing throw ranges with other characters. What I saw today w Rashid made no sense for example, so I went and investigated this...

The following have been tested with Toolassisted's footsies tool by comparing the throwboxes. Most of those have also been tested ingame to doublecheck.

The new throw ranges (from best to worst):

- M. Bison (Dictator)
- Urien = Vega (claw) = Sim = Karin = Birdie = Nash = R.Mika = FANG
- Akuma = Juri = Guile = Ibuki = Laura = Cammy = Ken = Ryu
- Alex = Necalli in V-Trigger
- Balrog (boxer) = Rashid = Necalli = Zangief = Chun
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