Leg day routine - Chun-Li combos and tech

Leg day routine - Chun-Li combos and tech

Postby Deviant » February 25th, 2016, 12:31 pm

Here's the stuff I've learned about Chun so far.

Chun gains very little damage from changing her special moves into ex versions so I didn't exactly test every combo possibility thoroughly.
If you can do st.lp x lkSBK you can squeeze out a little bit more damage on some combos. It's kinda annoying to do so I haven't bothered to learn it.
Also, keep in mind that lightning legs can be cancelled into Critical Art.

Spoiler: show
cr.lp > st.mp > cr.mk x hkLegs 198dmg 324stun
cr.lp > cr.lp > st.lp x hkLegs 146dmg 273stun
cr.hp > cr.lp x lkLegs > cr.lp x lkSBK 232dmg 370stun

VSkill > d+hk > d+hk > d+hk > j.exLegs 263dmg 320stun
j.mp x j.hkLegs 160dmg 190stun (damage varies)
j.mp x j.exLegs 221dmg 289stun (damage varies)
j.mkLegs > c.lp > st.mp > c.mk x hkLegs 233dmg 345stun

cr.lp > st.mp > cr.mk x exLegs 212dmg 345stun
cr.hp > exKikoken > cr.lp > st.lp x hkLegs 259dmg 367stun

Spoiler: show
b+HP x exKikouken > cr.mk x mkSBK 321dmg 460stun

Spoiler: show
st.hk(CC) > dash > st.mp > cr.mk x hkLegs 286dmg 434stun

b+HK(CH) > cr.lp > st.lp x hkLegs 210dmg 383stun
f+HK(CH) > cr.lp > st.mp > cr.mk x hkLegs 269dmg 465stun

b+hp(CC) > cr.hk 198dmg 315stun
b+hp(CC) x hkLegs 216dmg 288stun
b+hp(CC) x exLegs 234dmg 315stun
b+hp(CC) x CA 431dmg 180stun

Spoiler: show
st.HP > VT > cr.HP x lkLegs > cr.lp > cr.mk x mkSBK 304dmg 458stun
cr.mp > VT > lkLegs 132dmg 164stun (max range)
cr.mp > VT > exLegs 180dmg 220stun (max range)
cr.mp > VT > cr.lp > cr.mk x mkSBK 217dmg 346stun (close/mid range)
cr.mp(CH) > VT > cr.mk > mkSBK 228dmg 340stun
cr.mp(CH) > VT > cr.hp x lkLegs > cr.lp > cr.mk x mkSBK 296dmg 428stun (close up)
cr.mp(CH) > VT > cr.hp x exKikouken > cr.lp > cr.mk x mkSBK 317dmg 442stun (close up)
b+hp(CC) > VT > b+hk > b+hk > b+hk x CA 422dmg 405stun (corner)

Vtrigger on:
Vskill > d+mk > d+mk > d+mk > j.hk > CA 451dmg 294stun
df.mk > cr.lp x mkLegs 195dmg 243stun
df.mk > cr.lp x mkSBK 263dmg 383stun
b+HK(antiair) > b+HP x CA 443dmg 285stun

Spoiler: show
The part after // is if opponent does normal wakeup. The next normal should be the one you would start your combo normally if the opponent does quickrise...

lk/mk sbk > dash > cr.lp > b+hp // > lk > f+HK (first part needs to be frame perfect if the opponent is in the corner)
bthrow > dash > b+hk // > cr.lp > f+hk
fthrow > dash > cr.lp (trades with 3f normals) // > st.mp > f+hk
ex legs > dash > f+hk // > f+mp > h+hk
ex legs > dash > f+hk // > cr.lp > dash > b+hp
ex legs > dash > f+hk // > c.lp > df+mk
j.grab > f+hk // > st.mp > f+hk (note: Frameadvantage from first h+hk is high enough to skip the c.lp of the bnb combo)

Spoiler: show
After c.hk(CC):
(4f) b+HP jump forward j.mk

How to do instant airlegs
Spoiler: show
Best ways I've come across are :
Doing a 360'ish motion :uf: :u: :ub: :b: :db: :d: :f: K
And what I consider better :d: :df: :f: :uf: :f: K

Now post your Chun tech :harden:
And let me know if I made some mistakes or you have something to ask.
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Postby Pecka' » February 25th, 2016, 12:34 pm

Dick routine.
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Postby FBV Chin » February 25th, 2016, 12:36 pm

add option to downvote posts, k thanks.
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Postby Angelus » February 28th, 2016, 7:14 am

vs Max spaced Birdie's f+HP
- sLK
- cMK (very easy into whatever)
- LK Legs (1 hit)
- EX Legs (consistent)
- Super
- probably some VT punishes
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Postby Angelus » February 28th, 2016, 9:35 am

bHP is a pretty good meaty on normal hit and block (haven't tested CC) (tested from MP+MK on hit with normal quick recovery and waiting 1 frame)
I've been able to link cMK, cHP, cHK and fMP off of it. So it's at least +7 on hit and +6 on block

Surprisingly bHK also works as a good meaty (same setup but by waiting longer with manual timing)
I've been able to link cMK off of it, so it's at least +6 on hit and +4 on block.

From meaty fHK (following setups don't require timing: for example from air throw or after a back quick rises from cHK or normal quick recovery from EX SBK)
I've been able to link sMP and cMK off of it, so it's at least +6 on hit and +2 on block

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Postby Ramma » March 18th, 2016, 5:58 pm

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Postby Vanquo » April 29th, 2016, 6:20 am

You should add the combo from Momochis Video to the BnB's.

cr.lp > st.mp > cr.mk x mk.SBK / lk.SBK - can be delayed further to get enough charge time.

Instant Air Lightning Legs (mk) can combo into that but it strongly depends on the distance.

Better do
IALL > cr.lp > lk.sbk to score a knockdown
IALL > cr.lp > mk.Legs > CA for critical art.
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