Please Critique My Cammy!

Please Critique My Cammy!

Postby QCB_WIIISE » July 23rd, 2016, 9:23 pm

Long story short,

I'm competing with Cammy and would appreciate some feedback and help.
Mainly with the Ryu matchup. I eat too many :hado: to the face & he feels hard to open up.

So any takers? Ramma perhaps, though we talked a bit about this already at the local.
I've figured some things out already, but need a bit more guidance.

Thanks for your time. :thumbs:

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Postby Ramma » July 24th, 2016, 5:58 am

Well, I thought you adjust pretty well and that accidental DP cost you the game. In fact the major damage he dud before that was a result of a dropped combo as well. Ryu you just walk to the corner.

I have a few replays against some solid ryus so maybe I'll upload a game or 2.

When you were in that fireball trap, the best thing you could have done was neutral jump one of the fireballs. It keeps the fireball on screen and allows you to advance. Also, st. MK is really good for knocking Ryu out of his fireball start-up.

I'd also watch stuff like Xiao Hai/Kazunoko/Osayu vs Tokido/Daigo/etc.
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